Steve McKnight Shares A Word Of Encouragement

Are you frustrated by your lot in life? Wish you had more money, more job satisfaction, more love, more hair (sigh)?

Normally, after asking such questions, marketeers would launch into a spiel about how their miracle product could make you wealthier, slimmer, prettier, hairier, whatever, and how much happier you'd be having achieved that state (after buying their thing, of course).

Well, you can relax! I'm not here to sell you anything. Instead I'd like to offer you a word of encouragement, wrapped up in an unusual true story. Here goes!

Profoundly Simple.

Recently, while on the train into town for a business meeting, I passed the time by skimming through a synopsis on (of all things) the principles of Alexander Technique.

As I came to the end of the text, my eyes became drawn to the following remarkably simple, yet amazingly profound statement... [Find Out More]

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